Commercial and retail businesses need a layered security solution, comprising internal and external barriers to provide an early warning system should an intruder attempt to gain unauthorised access to the premises.

    Blue International is at the forefront of alarm system monitoring which ranges from:

    • Wired passive infrared (PIR) detectors to wireless PIR with built in cameras and photo on demand functionalities
    • Internal and external CCTV cameras
    • Electric fencing
    • Smoke defenders
    • Glass-smashing sensors
    • Fridge Alarms
    • Fire Detection

    Blue International’s professional team assesses a business premises and then recommends the best possible solution to safeguard our clients’ stores.

    Alarm systems come with a number of fixed and remote panic buttons, which staff can discreetly press in an emergency to alert Blue International to urgently respond to the scene.

  • 24hr Armed Response

    Blue International’s professional team manages over 250 3rd party armed response providers throughout Southern Africa. We empower local businesses in areas that have existing armed response services and consolidate these services on our client’s behalf.

    Blue International has solidified relationships throughout the country and can offer services to wherever our clients business interests lie. All response service providers are rigorously vetted to ensure compliance as well as a consistently high level of professionalism that meets Blue International standards.

  • CCTV Surveillance

    Blue International provides insight into the latest CCTV equipment and software’s for our clients. A CCTV network delivers a multi-purpose functionality for the retail and commercial space:

    • Staff productivity via remote log in
    • Post incident investigations
    • Video Verification
    • Offsite CCTV Monitoring
    • Retail analytics

    Blue International is a specialist in these fields.

    Remote Log-in: A CCTV camera network also allows store managers to log in remotely via their smartphone or laptop, giving insight and oversight to the goings on in the business.

    Video Verification: In the event of an alarm activation, Blue International can virtually survey the premises to verify if there is an intruder in the store. CCTV cameras allow our operators to supply the onsite armed response officers with real time, accurate information, leading to successful apprehension. Virtual patrols and check ins can also be done by the BI control room.

    Offsite Monitoring: Cameras can be installed to provide an extra layer of security outside a property. New age CCTV cameras have built in analytics that can generate alerts, based on human movement. These generated alerts can be monitored offsite in the Blue International control room providing an early warning detection.

    Retail Analytics: CCTV can be used for people counting, to determine dwell times and heat maps and ultimately assist retailers in making more informed, data driven decisions. It improves their business by identifying trends, optimizing product placements and promotions, managing inventory levels, and understanding customer behaviour.

  • Guarding

    Blue International offers adhoc guarding to meet our client’s needs on a country wide basis. Similarly, to our armed response model, we partner with 3rd party companies to provide the guards. This is all consolidated under one Blue International invoice for convenience purposes.

    Guards are a critical component to offering a form of presence onsite, to deter any unauthorised access and criminal activity. An onsite guard can also respond quickly to an incident, provide peace of mind and enhance customer service.

  • Access Control

    Access control technology enables enterprises to reduce risk by limiting and controlling employee access to a building or to certain facilities within a building.

    A basic electronic access control system can be installed to limit access to certain facilities, to grant access to designated areas at certain times, to grant access to authorised employees only and to provide an audit trail of where employees enter and exit.

    An access control system also saves time and the cost of replacing mechanical lock and key systems after an incident, when an employee’s contract is terminated or when lost keys need to be replaced. There is also no need to keep a manual record of who has the keys nor to worry about easy-to-copy keys falling into the wrong hands.

  • Fire Detection

    An uncontrolled fire can destroy an entire office’s contents within just a few minutes. Installing an effective fire detection and alarm system will enable a business to short-circuit any potentially serious fire disaster. A fire detection and alarm system will identify the hazardous incident, immediately raise the alarm and then notify emergency response professionals.

    Blue International offers a range of fire detection and alarm systems that can be adapted to suit specific requirements, such as the size and structure of a commercial or retail business. The company’s team of dedicated security professionals can guide security managers regarding a range of the most suitable and up-to-date fire detection and alarm systems to suit commercial and retail premises.

  • Interlocking

    Simply put, an interlocking system contains two electronically connected doors, so one cannot open until the other has closed. Blue International typically uses this for our retail clients’ entrance to their cash office. The electronic doors are synced to the safe door – if the safe door is left open, no other interlocking door will open. The doors will only open once the safe door is locked.
  • Smoke Defender

    Blue International’s Smoke Defender system is a security fogging solution that works in sync with an alarm system for optimal effectiveness.

    The Smoke Defender system release’s a dense vapour that debilitates and disorientates intruders making it practically impossible continue with what they’re doing. Intruders who breach security on a commercial or retail business premises will immediately be stopped in their tracks, as the non-toxic dense fog fills up the room, blurring their vision.

    The Smoke Defender fog is harmless and leaves no mess. Installing a Smoke Defender provides an additional layer of security as it works as both a strong deterrent and an effective, protective crime barrier.

    Insurance premiums may also be reduced in some cases after installing the Smoke Defender system.

  • 24hr Technical Support

    Blue International offers all clients a reliable 24-hour technical support service. Our technicians are based country wide and can facilitate efficient technical requirements throughout South Africa. Blue Internationals technicians are highly skilled, have vast experience in the industry and are all SA Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) accredited.

    The team’s expertise lies in the install and maintenance of all security related equipment. We have technicians on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with emergency security system repairs. Blue International also offers clients regular assessments of their security systems and is proactive about warning clients should the team identify any faults or issues with the alarm system.

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