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Echo Test

Blue International has automated the alarm testing process for the commercial and retail sector with its Echo Test alarm technology that saves time and takes the hassle out of routine alarm tests.


Blue International’s Echo Test was specially developed for the sector, to take the stress out of running routine tests to regularly check every zone in the alarm system via a control centre operator. At the push of a few buttons, the Echo Test automatically tests the entire security system and produces an accurate, detailed report on the working condition of every detector on the premises. The test report always provides a true reflection of the condition of the alarm system and can’t be bypassed or manipulated to hide any technical faults. Alarm tests are often required for internal audit purposes and to prove that an alarm system is maintained in excellent working condition at all the times.


The Echo Test offers businesses convenient control, as tests can be run by simply sending an SMS and entering a unique code that places the alarm in automatic “test” mode, at a time that suits the security manager’s work schedule. Every device and zone in the system is tested individually in real-time and an immediate “echo” confirms that the device or zone is functional. The system then generates a report which is emailed to the authorised manager who can file it away for audit purposes.

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Spyder Box

Blue International has developed a high-technology system that intelligently safeguards commercial and retail business alarm systems. The company recognised the need to develop an intelligent system, because even the most advanced security systems can be destroyed or circumvented, in cases where intruders are determined to cover their tracks and buy time on the premises.


The Spyder Box is a covert, autonomous, ‘tamper alert’ system, housed in a disguised, secret location on the business site, and interlinked with the main alarm system on the premises. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor protects the Spyder Box system, which is essentially, an alarm for the business alarm system.


If intruders destroy or tamper with the main alarm system, which is also protected by a PIR, then the interlinked Spyder Box sends a signal to the control centre to ensure a rapid armed response to the premises. Both systems are supervised as an interlinked alarm system and monitored via the company’s high-tech control centre.


IP Monitoring

Blue International offers the latest IP monitoring technology in conjunction with traditional alarm monitoring including telephone, TX cellular and radio communication, translating into time and cost savings for businesses.


The main benefit of using an IP network to communicate security alarm signals is that the technology allows instant signal transmission to the control centre, resulting in faster communication and response times, as well as huge cost savings, as signals sent via the network don’t incur telephone costs.


IP network technology offers remote technical support and eliminates the costs of unnecessary technical call-outs, providing an ideal technical fault solution for rural and peri-urban sites.