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Smoke Defender

Blue International’s Smoke Defender system is a powerful crime-deterring security fogging solution that works in sync with an electronic intruder detection alarm system for optimal effectiveness.


The Smoke Defender system release’s a dense vapour that debilitates and disorientates intruders making it practically impossible to swiftly flee with any valuables in their possession. Intruders who breach security on a commercial or retail business premises will immediately be stopped in their tracks, as the non-toxic dense fog fills up the room, blurring their vision. Without sight, criminals are instantly debilitated, and it becomes impossible for them to ransack the property in search of valuable assets as their concern turns to escaping the smoke.


The Smoke Defender fog is harmless and leaves no messy residue on the premises so there is no extra work needed to clean up after an alarm activation. Installing a Smoke Defender provides an additional layer of security on commercial and retail premises as it works as both a strong deterrent and an effective, protective crime barrier.

Insurance premiums may also be reduced in some cases after installing the Smoke Defender system.

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