Blue International provides a complete security solution for retailers on the continent, offering a range of technologies designed for urban and rural environments from supermarket, food, clothing and jewelry chain stores to small independent retailers and corner shops.

Blue International has developed security innovations to protect premises and proactively prevent stock losses using high-technology products that offer a layered approach to security and employee tracking, from CCTV surveillance cameras that can be monitored on site and via remote surveillance, to access control technologies, automatic security alarm testing reports, electronic intruder detection and fire alarm detection devices.

Specially developed technologies to protect premises and assets include the Spyder Box and Smoke Defender systems. The Spyder Box system serves as an alarm for a retail store’s main alarm system as it sounds an alarm the moment an intruder tampers with or destroys the alarm system, while the Smoke Defender system serves to immobilise and disorientate intruders in a haze of harmless fog. 

Blue International’s security technologies are supported by a highly trained armed response team and one point of contact management system that is dedicated to serving commercial and retail enterprises exclusively.

A technical support team is available 24/7 to attend to any alarm system repairs and upgrades on the business premises.

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