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Alarm System

Commercial and retail businesses need a layered security solution comprising internal and external barriers to provide an early warning system should an intruder attempt to gain unauthorised access to the premises. 


An alarm system that provides multiple barriers between intruders and employees and valuable stock on site also gives management on site more time to press a panic alarm and to get staff to a safe room on site. Alarm system barriers may include CCTV street surveillance cameras as an element of a secure precinct project, as well as internal CCTV surveillance cameras, electric fencing and traditional electronic intruder detection alarm systems, complete with outdoor passive infrared (PIR) detector beams and glass-smashing sensors.


Blue International’s professional team assesses business premises to recommend specific intruder detection barriers to ensure that vulnerable points such as bathrooms, offices and roofs are properly secured. Commercial and retail businesses can install a basic alarm system with capabilities ranging from an eight ‘zone’ to a 64 ‘zone’ system depending on the size of the premises, enabling control centre staff to immediately identify which office or outdoor zone has been breached. Alarm systems come with a number of fixed and remote panic buttons, which staff can discreetly press in an emergency to alert the company to urgently respond to the scene.


Blue International also offers clients regular assessments of their security systems and is proactive about warning clients should the team identify any potential alarm system weak spots or faults, which criminals could potentially manipulate.

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24hr Technical Support

Blue International offers commercial and retail clients a reliable 24 hour technical support service both nationally and across borders. The company has a strong national footprint of highly skilled, SA Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA), accredited technicians and is an industry leader in this regard.


Technicians are top calibre and trained to the highest technical standards possible in the security industry, to ensure that clients receive a reliable and efficient technical support service with a 24 hour turnaround time in major urban hubs. The team is specially trained and equipped to install and maintain everything from alarms to CCTV cameras and is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with security system repairs.


Blue International values having the highest quality standards when it comes to technical installations and support services, which is why it requires every technician to achieve SAIDSA accreditation in order to remain on the team.


24hr Armed Response

Blue International’s professional team efficiently manages a large 24 hour armed response operations across vast geographical regions controlled via the company’s state-of-the-art national monitoring centre.


Drawing on extensive knowledge, expertise and experience the team effectively sources, evaluates and manages a host of reputable armed response service providers nationally and across borders, ensuring a consistently high professional standard. Commercial and retail clients can therefore expect the same high level of service delivery to all of their business branches regardless of location, and the monitoring centre exclusively services the sector and does not provide security services to any local residential clients.


The control centre team is specially trained to understand the unique security priorities of the retail and commercial sector in a local context. Controllers order the movements and responses of dedicated armed response officers on the ground, transmitting information 24/7 via  the company’s dedicated communications network.  Armed response officers are highly trained and dedicated to proactively protect commercial and retail premises to prevent financial losses but their first priority is always the personal safety of its clients and their staff.


Reaction officers respond swiftly to emergencies and go the extra mile to hunt down and arrest suspects, sometimes resulting in the recovery of stolen goods, and they will also assist staff to manage the scene of the crime according to legal requirements, until police arrive.


CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Blue International offers a range of CCTV surveillance cameras that can be adapted to monitor staff productivity or to enhance the security of staff and stock across warehouse, factory floor, retail branch or any other business premises.


CCTV surveillance cameras can be erected to provide an extra  layer of security both indoors and outdoors to monitor entrances and exits and to keep a watchful eye on high value goods in production, transit or storage.


Blue International provides the latest high-tech multiple-device surveillance camera systems currently obtainable on the international security market, as well as mid to entry level cameras, installed to suit the requirements of medium and small sized enterprises. Authorised managers can easily access a business’s CCTV camera network and alarm system via the internet from anywhere in the world using a laptop, smartphone or electronic tablet. In the event of an alarm activation, authorised managers can virtually survey the premises and they can also conduct occasional virtual security checks at random.


Another benefit of remote access surveillance capability is that managers can also access CCTV cameras from anywhere to check on employee movements and productivity levels on the premises.


CCTV surveillance cameras installed at entrances and exits monitor movements and also allow employees to check the identity of unexpected visitors at the gate without risking a potentially dangerous confrontation. CCTV surveillance cameras have also proved useful in criminal and internal investigations into incidents such as theft, armed robbery and hijacking.


Remote Surveillance

Far-reaching improvements in communications technology systems in recent years has made remote video surveillance an accessible option for many business security and productivity applications.


The main advantage of a remote surveillance set-up compared to a closed circuit TV (CCTV) system, which transmits the camera video feed to an on-site facility,  is that remote surveillance also allows the system to be accessed and monitored at a location offsite.


Remote surveillance technology allows authorised managers to monitor the premises off site from literally any location in the world, provided there is a suitable communication link via the internet between the on-site equipment and the off-site location. 


Smoke Defender

Blue International’s Smoke Defender system is a powerful crime deterrent security fogging solution that works in sync with an electronic intruder detection alarm system for optimal effectiveness.


The Smoke Defender system release’s a dense vapour that debilitates and disorientates intruders making it practically impossible to swiftly flee with any valuables in their possession. Intruders who breach security on a commercial or retail business premises will immediately be stopped in their tracks, as the non-toxic dense fog fills up the room, blurring their vision. Without sight criminals are instantly debilitated and it becomes impossible for them to ransack the property in search of valuable assets and their concern turns to escaping the smoke.


The Smoke Defender fog is harmless and leaves no messy residue on the premises so there is no extra work needed to clean up after an alarm activation. Installing a Smoke Defender provides an additional layer of security on commercial and retail premises as it works as both a strong deterrent and an effective, protective crime barrier.


Insurance premiums may also be reduced in some cases after installing the Smoke Defender system.


Access Control

Access control technology enables commercial and retail enterprises to reduce financial risk by limiting and controlling employee access to a building or to certain facilities on a business premises.


A basic electronic access control system can be installed to limit access to certain facilities on the premises, to grant after hours access to authorised employees and to provide an audit trail of where employees enter and exit.


An access control system is an efficient deterrent against crime as it provides an effective means of granting entry, while ensuring optimal building security.  An access control system greatly reduces financial risk and can more than pay for itself through preventing just one serious stock loss incident per year.


Employee protection is also secured on premises where an access control system is employed as unwanted intruders are locked out of the building and individual movements are restricted within the facility, controlling who is allowed entry to designated areas at certain times.


Business managers can establish who was in a certain area of the facility – at the exact time a crime occurred – on the system’s audit trail of employee movements via entrance and exit points.


An access control system also saves time and the cost of replacing mechanical lock and key systems after an incident, when an employee’s contract is terminated or when lost keys need to be replaced. There is also no need to keep a manual record of who has the keys nor to worry about easy-to-copy keys falling into the wrong hands.


Fire Detection

Fire is a major safety hazard and financial risk to commercial and retail operations from factory floors and warehouses to retail stores and office parks. The immediate devastation a single fire disaster can cause to a business premises, resulting in the loss of life, equipment and irreplaceable documents, makes it a risk that prudent security managers mitigate before disaster strikes.


An uncontrolled fire can destroy an entire office’s contents within just a few minutes and raze a whole building to the ground in a couple of hours. Installing an effective fire detection and alarm system will enable a business to short-circuit any potentially serious fire disaster on the premises. A fire detection and alarm system will identify the hazardous incident, immediately raise the alarm and then notify emergency response professionals.


Blue International offers a range of fire detection and alarm systems that can be adapted to suit specific requirements, such as the size and structure of a commercial or retail business’s protected space.  The company’s team of dedicated security professionals can guide security managers regarding a range of the most suitable and up-to-date fire detection and alarm systems to suit commercial and retail premises