Press Releases March 1, 2016

Jewellery store burglar nabbed

A jewellery store burglar was too slow for a Blue Security armed response officer, who nabbed him as he emerged from the store empty handed in the early hours of this morning. Blue International managing director, Wade Anderson, said the company’s armed response officer had responded swiftly to the crime scene in the CBD at…

Press Releases April 27, 2015

Business armed robbery warning


Blue International managing director, Wade Anderson said, “There have been a few incidents of armed robbery, with criminals recently targeting businesses in Anderson Road in Pinetown, Edison Road in Marrian Industrial Park and Henwood Road in New Germany.

Press Releases January 8, 2015

Burglars bust into a Durban jewellery store


A brazen gang of burglars broke into a Durban jewellery store and under cover of the store’s locked metal roller door, managed to get away with about R1 million worth of jewellery at the weekend.