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Fire Detection

Fire is a major safety hazard and financial risk to commercial and retail operations from factory floors and warehouses to retail stores and office parks. The immediate devastation a single fire disaster can cause to a business premises, resulting in the possible loss of life, equipment and irreplaceable documents, makes it a risk that prudent security managers mitigate before disaster strikes.


An uncontrolled fire can destroy an entire office’s contents within just a few minutes and raze a whole building to the ground in a couple of hours. Installing an effective fire detection and alarm system will alert the business of a potentially serious fire disaster on the premises before has a chance to cause any damage or loss. A fire detection and alarm system will identify the hazardous incident, immediately raise the alarm and then notify emergency response professionals.


Blue International offers a range of fire detection and alarm systems that can be adapted to suit specific requirements, such as the size and structure of a commercial or retail business’s protected space. The company’s team of dedicated security professionals can guide security managers regarding a range of the most suitable and up-to-date fire detection and alarm systems to suit commercial and retail premises.

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