Blue International provides the specialised skills and expertise that the continent’s financial services sector has come to rely on for the ultimate security solution.

Banks, insurance firms, investment companies and a host of related financial services businesses need security solutions that have been tailored to protect valuable assets 24/7 from the risks of theft, fraud and fire and to monitor employee productivity and access to premises.

Blue International’s security systems have been specially designed with the financial services sector in mind, while its professional staff has been trained to the highest standard to understand and meet the needs of financial services businesses. Operating from a single state of the art monitoring centre Blue International is able to seamlessly monitor the premises of its financial services sector clients’ multiple branches across the continent and to provide a rapid locally based armed response service to attend to potential security breaches.

Financial services sector clients benefit from security products and services ranging from CCTV Surveillance cameras and intruder and fire detection alarm systems to access control systems that regulate and limit the movement of employees on a premises, or to high risk areas of a premises, such as the strong room.

A Smoke Defender system which can be activated when an intruder is detected on the premises will obscure intruders’ vision and disorientate them making it extremely difficult to flee with any valuable assets.

Even the business’s alarm system can be protected against tampering and destruction – a common modus operandi of organised criminals – with the installation of a specially developed Spyder Box system, which is a back-up alarm, or an alarm for the main alarm system, hidden in a secret location.

A highly trained technical support team is available 24/7 to attend to all financial services sector technical repairs and emergencies.

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