Blue International applies its specialised knowledge of the commercial sector and its expertise in diverse local operating environments to secure a host of commercial enterprises on the rapidly developing continent.

Blue International’s range of security innovations and services have been designed to meet the requirements of commercial enterprises, from factories and warehouses to upmarket office parks, and is backed by a professional armed response service and a team of specially trained controllers who operate a state of the art national monitoring centre.

High technology products such as CCTV surveillance cameras that can be monitored on-site and remotely, enable commercial managers to survey security and employee productivity, while access control technology provides an audit trail of movements, effectively limiting visitor and employee access to a business premises or to divisions of a facility at specific times of the day or night.
Fire detection alarms and electronic intruder detection systems ranging from basic systems to the latest technology on the global market ensure swift detection of fire hazards and security breaches.

Intruders can be immobilised with the Smoke Defender system, while the Spyder Box acts as a high-technology alarm for a business’s main alarm system if intruders attempt to tamper with or destroy the alarm panel.

Security systems such as these can save commercial enterprises from major financial losses, reduce insurance premiums, and assist in internal and police investigations to bring perpetrators to book.

Access to Blue International’s team of highly trained technicians ensures that there is 24/7 technical support to take care of any routine or emergency repairs and upgrades on site.

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