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CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Blue International offers a range of CCTV surveillance cameras that can be adapted to monitor staff productivity or to enhance the security of staff and stock across warehouses, factory floors, retail branches or any other business premises.


CCTV surveillance cameras can be erected to provide an extra layer of security both indoors and outdoors to monitor entrances and exits and to keep a watchful eye on high-value goods in production, transit or storage.


Blue International provides the latest high-tech multiple-device surveillance camera systems currently obtainable on the international security market, as well as mid to entry-level cameras, installed to suit the requirements of medium and small-sized enterprises. Authorised managers can easily access a business’s CCTV camera network and alarm system via the internet from anywhere in the world using a laptop, smartphone or tablet device. In the event of an alarm activation, authorised managers can virtually survey the premises and they can also conduct occasional virtual security checks at random.


Another benefit of remote access surveillance capability is that managers can also access CCTV cameras from anywhere to check on employee movements and productivity levels on the premises.


CCTV surveillance cameras installed at entrances and exits monitor movements and allow employees to check the identity of unexpected visitors at the gate without risking a potentially dangerous confrontation. CCTV surveillance cameras have also proved useful in criminal and internal investigations into incidents such as theft, armed robbery and hijacking.

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