Business armed robbery warning

Blue International managing director, Wade Anderson said, “There have been a few incidents of armed robbery, with criminals recently targeting businesses in Anderson Road in Pinetown, Edison Road in Marrian Industrial Park and Henwood Road in New Germany.

“In one incident three armed men held up the staff at a business just after 4pm in the afternoon and robbed them of their cellphones and cash,” Anderson said.          

“In a separate incident in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, six armed men arrived at a business in Edison Road and held up the security guard before fleeing with four truck tyres. In another incident in broad daylight, criminals removed part of a palisade fence to gain access onto a business premises from where they stole steal ten tyres.”

He added that burglars had also targeted a business in Oppenheimer Street in Pinetown where they forced open a window just before 7am to break into the property. “Burglars cut open the safe and fled with cash as well as brass and copper piping,” he said.          

Anderson urged business owners to check their security systems regularly and to ensure that the sensors on windows and doors were in good working order. He advised business owners to consider installing electric fences and CCTV surveillance cameras on the premises or in the street.


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