Burglars bust into a Durban jewellery store

A brazen gang of burglars broke into a Durban jewellery store and under cover of the store’s locked metal roller door, managed to get away with about R1 million worth of jewellery at the weekend.

Blue International managing director Wade Anderson said burglars had managed to gain access into the store in Durban’s CBD, through a side door about three metres from the ground, above the front entrance of a neighbouring clothing shop. “The small door above the store’s facade leads to the motor for the sheet metal roller doors that secure the front entrance to stores at night. The burglars climbed up and opened the door and crept between the facia boards over the entrance of the clothing store to jewellery store. They then cut open burglar bars and broke in through the ceiling boards of the jewellery store,” he said.

Anderson said Blue International reaction officers responded to the scene of the crime, when the alarm activated several times, at around 1am on Saturday morning, before the burglars damaged the alarm system. However, he said the company’s officers had not been given authority to enter the property at the time and there was no sign of the burglars, or of visible entry, as the roller door remained in place, locked. “Staff of the jewellery store arrived in the morning to discover that the place had been burgled and a large collection of jewellery had been stolen. We were called to the scene where together with a member of the SAPS one of our officers investigated and found clothing and a stash of jewellery and other stolen items that had been left lying inside the ceiling,” he said. Anderson said the value of the recovered goods was estimated at around R145 000.

“A pair of jeans, a shirt and takkies, allegedly belonging to the burglars, were also found inside the ceiling,” he said. Anderson said it was important for businesses to give their security companies access to their premises in case of an emergency. “Stock losses can be avoided if armed reaction officers are able to enter a property and conduct a proper inspection after an alarm has activated. We have often been able to arrest burglars on business premises when we have been able to gain entry and catch them red handed,” he said.

The case was handed over to the SAPS for investigation.

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