The Blue International App

The Power of Our Security in Your Hands

Your security is paramount to us, the few seconds it takes to activate a panic button or cancel an alarm can make a huge difference. Blue International is proud to present the Blue International App, harnessing the latest technology to interface with your security system and make securing your properties and possessions simple and more convenient.

Panic Button

In the face of emergency, what better tool to request assistance than one that is always with you throughout the day. The Blue International app features panic button functionality to immediately notify our control room and get assistance to you fast.

Test Alarm

Regular testing is important for maintaining  healthy alarm systems. Using the Blue International app, you can easily place your alarm system into test mode so a walk test can be conducted to identify zones that are active.

Contact Blue International

No matter the purpose, you can easily phone or email us through the Blue International app. You will have access to both the control room and our technical department to request assistance.

Request Technical

Maintaining your alarm system has never been easier. Log a request through the Blue International app and our technical department will begin working to resolve the issue right away.

Notification Inbox

Understand your alarm system better by receiving all alarm notifications through the  Blue International app. By visiting the Inbox, you will get more detailed information about alarm activations to help you secure your property better.

Once the alarm is activated, the keyholder or area manager will receive a notification from the Blue International app informing them.


In an effort to limit false alarms, keyholders are able to cancel  the alarm directly from the app. This is ideal for accidental triggers, allowing you to quickly rectify the situation and decline  an armed response visit.


This is still done in a very secure manner. For instance, the alarm can only be cancelled if a valid code is entered into the app. Keyholders are encouraged to only cancel alarms that they are certain that it is a false alarm. If they are uncertain of what has triggered the alarm, it is important to follow procedure to ensure both you and your property is safe.