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Alarm System

Commercial and retail businesses need a layered security solution comprising internal and external barriers to provide an early warning system should an intruder attempt to gain unauthorised access to the premises. 


An alarm system that provides multiple barriers between intruders and employees and valuable stock on-site also gives on-site management more time to press a panic alarm and to get staff to a safe room. Alarm system barriers may include CCTV street surveillance cameras as an element of a secure precinct project, as well as internal CCTV surveillance cameras, electric fencing and traditional electronic intruder detection alarm systems, complete with outdoor passive infrared (PIR) detector beams and glass-smashing sensors.


Blue International’s professional team assesses business premises to recommend specific intruder detection barriers to ensure that vulnerable points such as bathrooms, offices and roofs are properly secured. Commercial and retail businesses can install a basic alarm system with capabilities ranging from an eight ‘zone’ to a 64 ‘zone’ system depending on the size of the premises, enabling control centre staff to immediately identify which office or outdoor zone has been breached. Alarm systems come with a number of fixed and remote panic buttons, which staff can discreetly press in an emergency to alert the company to urgently respond to the scene.


Blue International also offers clients regular assessments of their security systems and is proactive about warning clients should the team identify any potential alarm system weak spots or faults, which criminals could potentially manipulate.

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