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Access Control

Access control technology enables commercial and retail enterprises to reduce financial risk by limiting and controlling employee access to a building or to certain facilities on business premises.


A basic electronic access control system can be installed to limit access to certain facilities on the premises, to grant after-hours access to authorised employees and to provide an audit trail of where employees enter and exit.


An access control system is an efficient deterrent against crime as it provides an effective means of granting entry, while ensuring optimal building security. An access control system greatly reduces financial risk and can more than pay for itself by preventing just one serious stock loss incident per year.


Employee protection is also secured on premises where an access control system is employed as unwanted intruders are locked out of the building and individual movements are restricted within the facility, controlling who is allowed entry to designated areas at certain times.


Business managers can establish who was in a certain area of the facility – at the exact time a crime occurred – on the system’s audit trail of employee movements via entrance and exit points.


An access control system also saves time and the cost of replacing mechanical lock and key systems after an incident, when an employee’s contract is terminated or when lost keys need to be replaced. There is also no need to keep a manual record of who has the keys nor to worry about easy-to-copy keys falling into the wrong hands.

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