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24hr Armed Response

Blue International’s professional team efficiently manages large 24-hour armed response operations across vast geographical regions controlled via the company’s state-of-the-art national monitoring centre.


Drawing on extensive knowledge, expertise and experience the team effectively sources, evaluates and manages a host of reputable armed response service providers nationally and across borders, ensuring a consistently high professional standard. Commercial and retail clients can, therefore, expect the same high level of service delivery to all of their business branches regardless of location. The monitoring centre exclusively services the sector and does not provide security services to any local residential clients.


The control centre team is specially trained to understand the unique security priorities of the retail and commercial sector in a local context. Controllers order the movements and responses of dedicated armed response officers on the ground, transmitting information 24/7 via the company’s dedicated communications network. Armed response officers are highly trained and dedicated to proactively protect commercial and retail premises to prevent financial losses, but their first priority is always the personal safety of its clients and their staff.


Reaction officers respond swiftly to emergencies and go the extra mile to hunt down and arrest suspects, sometimes resulting in the recovery of stolen goods, and they will also assist staff to manage the scene of the crime, according to legal requirements, until police arrive.

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